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A convenient out patient and preventative health care veterinary practice that comes to your home. Our service area includes much of the Nashville and Williamson County area.

The Mobile Veterinary Clinic is a house call veterinary practice for domestic pets serving the Nashville area. The clinic was founded by Dr. Janet Childs in 1986 as a preventative health care and outpatient practice.


Everyone enjoys the convenience of a mobile practice.

  • Pets are less stressed and more comfortable in their own homes.
  • If there are several pets in one household, it is often much less time consuming to have all the medical needs taken care of in one house call.
  • People with very busy schedules can often save a lot of time by having Dr. Childs come to them.
  • Some animals are difficult to transport, such as very large dogs, very old arthritic pets, and animals that are hard to handle.
  • It is also advantageous for Dr. Childs to see the pet’s home environment to evaluate potential health problems.
  • More individual attention can be given to the owner and their pet on a house call basis.
  • The mobile approach is also ideal for people who don’t drive for any reason.
  • Procedures requiring light tranquilization can be done at home while more extensive procedures are kept overnight at Dr. Childs home.


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